Ferro (Furst Nymphenburg x Carismo)

Incredibly athletic and friendly 2011 imported Hanoverian gelding. Ferro is schooling third level and showing great potential for FEI. This horse is suitable for an amateur, junior/young rider, or professional. This special gelding has a show record with scores in the mid to high seventies and an impeccable character. Video coming soon!

Argon (Teo x Sjaronica)

Argon is an 2009 gelding with a lovable personality in and out of the saddle. He has a fantastic show record at first level with scores over 72% from Global in Wellington, FL. He stands at 16.3 and is schooling second/third level and loves to go out on the trails. Suitable for adult amateur of jr/young rider. Click here for video.

Donny (Don Primus (Don Primero x Sandro Hit) x Landfriese I)

Donny is a stunning 2010 imported 16.2 gelding. He has impeccable bloodlines that include Don Primero, Sandro Hit, and Donnerhall and he has clearly inherited their athleticism. Shown at third level and schooling Prix St. Georges, two tempis, and half steps. Incredible mount for adult amateur or FEI Junior/Young Rider. Click here for video.



Denzel BC (Way of Life BC x Donnerhall) Sold!

Denzel is an FEI Jr/Young Rider professor! “Denny” is a 2003 16.1 imported Hanoverian who is suitable for a Jr/Young Rider or amateur rider. This kind gelding was a member of the 2015 Gold Medal FEI Junior Team at the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships and a member of the 2017 Region 8 Young Rider Team. Denny is schooled through I1 and has scores up to 68% at Prix St. Georges. There are not enough superlatives for this barn favorite and his incredible show record. Click here for video.

Florentino (Florencio x Donnerhall) Sold!

Florentino is an experienced international FEI competitor. Standing at 16.2, his beauty matches his delightful character and his fantastic work ethic. “Flo” has competed successfully in Europe in the FEI Junior division and through Prix St. Georges within the USA and is currently training Intermediare I and elements of the Grand Prix. This horse is suitable for an adult amateur or ambitious Jr/Young Rider. Click here for video. 


Stevie Wonder (Sir Donnerhall x Wolkenstein II)

“Stevie” is an incredibly safe and reliable young horse. Standing at 16.2, his impeccable bloodlines compliment his impeccable character. Imported in August 2017, Stevie is showing great promise for the future and is easily schooling first/second level and is a great horse to continue to develop and bring up the levels. Click here for video.

Amico (Flemmingh x Zandmann) Sold!

Amico is a Junior/Young Rider or amateur dream horse! Amico is a 2006 16.3 imported gelding by Flemmingh x Zandmann. This wonderful horse was imported this month (August) and has an incredibly easy going and kind character both under saddle and on the ground. He has a show record through fourth level equivalent in Europe and is currently schooling Prix St. Georges and is already showing great promise for passage and piaffe. Amico would be ready to compete in the FEI junior classes immediately or Fourth Level. A kind and comfortable ride that goes easily in both snaffle and double. Click here for video.


Esquire (Sorento x Osmium)

Esquire is a wonderful and kind 2009 gelding by the renowned KWPN stallion, Sorento by Sandro Hit. Esquire as inherited his athleticism through his stellar bloodlines and is very trainable. He has a show record through first level with scores over 72%. Schooling third level, tempis, and showing a lot of talent for passage and piaffe. Would be suitable for a junior/young rider with goals to compete FEI or an advanced amateur rider. Click here for video.

Sandro (Sandro Song x Festrausch (Florestan I)) Sold!

This handsome and kind imported 2009 gelding by Sandro Song x Festrausch (Florestan I) is a lovely type and perfect adult amateur or junior/young rider horse. This 16.2 gelding has impeccable bloodlines and a character to match. Solid third level and schooling fourth. Sandro has show experience in Europe and is ready to go down centerline with his new partner here in the US. Click here for video.

El Peqeuno (Johnson x Grafiet) Sold!

El Peqeuno is an incredibly athletic and talented 2009 imported gelding. By the world famous stallion, Johnson, this beautiful gelding has inherited many of his sires’ qualities. Ready to show third level, schooling fourth level, and half steps towards piaffe. Suitable for professional, young rider, or advanced adult amateur. Click Here for Video.

 Valentino (Stallon x Arak) Sold!

Parnassus is a 2006 imported Oldenburg gelding. Standing at 16.2 this incredibly handsome and flashy gelding is suitable for an amateur or young rider. This horse is making the transition from hunter/jumper to dressage extroidinaire with ease. Schooling tempi changes and is easy in all of his lateral work. Will be ready to show third level shortly with potential to go further. Click Here for Video.

Santiano by Schumacher (Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer) Arpeggio (Accord II) x Focus (Florestan I) Sold!


This handsome 2011 imported gelding by Schumacher (Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer) Arpeggio (Accord II) x Focus (Florestan I) is proudly offered for sale at Millennium Dressage. Santiano stands at 16’2 and is solid first level and has experience training for the FEI 5 Year Old test in Germany and has competed in Europe. Very kind on the ground and under saddle, sensitive, and is a talented and athletic young horse for the future. Click here for video.

Frivaldi (Vivaldi x Rubinstein) Sold!

Frivaldi is an elegant and athletic imported 2010 mare by the renowned Keur stallion, Vivaldi, and dam line (Rubinstein x Donnerhall.) This lovely leggy 17h mare has a kind personality both in and out of the saddle and three very comfortable and expressive gaits. She has competed in Europe and won a large First Level Test of Choice at her first competition in Florida this past season scoring 72.2% and most recently in New England again winning and scoring over 70%. With an especially exceptional walk and canter, this beautiful mare is showing potential for FEI. Currently schooling third level, pirouette canter, and half-steps. Click for Video



Valentino (By Lexington) Sold!

This eye-catching 2008 American Warmblood gelding is an adult amateur or young rider dream horse! Incredible character and trainability. Schooling First and Second Level and has an easy flying change! He has three lovely gaits and is incredibly comfortable. Valentino will make a wonderful dressage partner, enjoys trail riding, and has experience jumping as well. Click for video.

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Dragonheart (Dartagnan x Galib ben Afas) Sold!

“Dragon” is a true gem! This handsome and sweet 2002 gelding is the complete package standing at 16.1 with three very comfortable and expressive gaits. This lovely gelding was imported Fall 2015 and was competed through third level in Germany by a young rider.

Suitable for a beginner or advanced amateur or young rider, Dragon will happily take his rider through the levels. He is confirmed Fourth Level, ready for Prix St. George, schools two and one-tempis and half steps. Click for video.

dragon headshot dragon body shot

Holiday (Bojengel x Rohdiamant) Sold!

This beautiful and incredibly kind 2012 gelding by Bojengel x Rohdiamant is suitable for an amateur, young rider, or professional! Imported from Holland Fall 2015, this 16.3 gelding has three lovely and comfortable gaits. Ready for the show ring, schooling first level. Hacks quietly alone on the buckle already at age four! Impeccable pedigree and a mind to match. Click for Video

Holiday head shot 2

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Valonia (Contester x Ariadus) Sold!

Valonia is a lovely and kind 2005 16.3 Holsteiner mare by Contester x Ariadus which decends from the renowned Holsteiner stallion, Contender. Valonia has a very sweet disposition and is safe for a young rider or adult amateur. This mare is ready to show first and second level and is schooling third level at home. Valonia is also a very talented jumper and quiet on trails. This is a wonderful all-around horse to enjoy and take through the levels. To learn more email mbldressage@gmail.com

Valonia sold

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